real estate services

real estate services

we have a marketing partnership with major projects in Istanbul and Turkey. that guarantee the provision of your desires to purchase the appropriate property from residential apartments, hotel apartments, commercial shops, or stores. whether that is with the aim of establishing an activity or moving to residency in Istanbul and Turkey or obtaining Nationality by buying a property.

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ready projects

The projects ready for delivery are characterized by high standards in terms of the quality of the designs and uniqueness, in terms of complete and perfect coverage.

projects under construction

the continuous development of real estate projects within Turkey and the range of real estate projects that are still in progress and which customers can view and know its specifications and advantages.


shops generate a substantial material return on the investor through the much-needed leasing process as business activity expands in Turkey.


Some businesses and services require offices that are home to businesses and finding a property that suits business requirements is not easy for a person.